(Haifa, Israel) July 1, 2023 – Baker Dillon Group (BDG) has announced it will represent Israel-based Lipogen™ and its CognoLipid™ brand in the U.S., serving as its brand marketing and public relations agency.

Developing and manufacturing phospholipids since 1991, Lipogen was the first to globally introduce and clinically test soy Lecithin Phosphatidylserine (PS), the only dietary ingredient with FDA qualified health claims for cognitive dysfunction and dementia in the elderly. According to Lipogen, its ingredients help replenish essential brain nutrients, delivering synergistic outcomes that are collectively greater than their core active ingredients.

Under the leadership of Sheldon Baker, BDG chief executive officer, the agency will create and design a digital ad campaign placed in select trade publications, as well as initiate a PR campaign to increase Lipogen’s industry awareness.

Lipogen is the second Israel-based client to be represented by BDG. Active with numerous global health and wellness product manufacturers, the agency develops PR for Gadot Biochemicals of Haifa Bay, Israel.

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