Baker Dillon Group specializes in nutraceutical and food and beverage industry brand marketing. For more than 30 years, Baker Dillon Group has developed successful, award-winning marketing programs for national and international companies. The added value of partnering with Baker Dillon Group is that the recommendations we will be creating will have strategic underpinnings that go beyond deadlines and creative specifications. We will work closely with you to determine objectives, positioning, important messages and expectations. These factors will be addressed at the beginning of the creative phase for each deliverable so that we can move forward together with clarity, trust and confidence. The essential make-up of a product, including ingredients, most strongly influences perceptions of its sustainability and motivates purchase.

Every marketing strategy is as unique and different as the clients we serve. Used on a consistent and on-going basis, strategic marketing communicates a message to help distinguish and position our clients, their products and brands effectively in front of targeted groups. Furthermore, a strong marketing relationship is developed as a result of client attentiveness. We pay special attention to the needs of our clients, as well as the possibilities within the marketplace. Our goal is to create a spark between them, because when we do, our clients reap the benefits.

We provide guidance in developing our Total Involvement Marketing™ approach that helps reach potential customers. Our expertise includes marketing, advertising, promotion and brand development. Within these areas we provide print advertising, graphic design, collateral materials, product packaging, publicity and promotion, focus group research, trade show promotion, sales and distribution strategies and legal services, as well as other elements under the auspices of our professional marketing partners to create a successful business foundation.

Marketing is an essential business tool. We assure you that Baker Dillon Group can effectively develop your project on time and on budget. We have expertise to communicate your corporate sustainability efforts and understand the strategy of positioning corporate responsibility, to look at who you are, what you do and translate that action into effective communication. We stand ready to immediately engage our expertise on your behalf.

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