Specializing in nutraceutical and food industry brand marketing for more than 30 years, we have developed successful, award-winning programs for national and global companies. The added value of partnering with Baker Dillon Group is that the recommendations we will be creating will have strategic underpinnings that go beyond deadlines and creative specifications. We will work closely with you to determine objectives, positioning, key messages and expectations. These factors will be addressed at the beginning of the creative phase for each deliverable so that we can move forward together with clarity, trust and confidence.

The essential make-up of your product most strongly influences perceptions of its sustainability and motivates purchase. With the expertise to understand what can drive brands to engage with their respective marketplace, we challenge our clients to constantly innovate and expand upon their opportunities. And, our staff of experienced creative minds develops specific strategies, from development through to sales, to capitalize on these opportunities effectively.

Whether through initial brand commercialization, public and media relations campaigns, online and digital marketing, graphic design initiatives or flawless development of industry events, we make every effort to elevate opportunities for our clients and their brands. We are a highly skilled team of individuals who strive to not only develop innovative solutions to meet our client goals, but also to exceed those goals in ways never thought possible. We feel a strong marketing relationship is developed as a result of client attentiveness. We pay special attention to the needs of our clients, as well as the possibilities within the marketplace. Our goal is to create a spark between them, because when we do, you reap the benefits.

Food and Beverage

It is often said you can’t judge a book by its cover. But retail product marketing has changed. Clean labels and easy to understand information and ingredient lists with names people know and recognize has become a hot trend according to a Supermarket News consumer trends report. In fact, almost two-thirds of consumers prefer the clean label look. Food and beverage companies launching new products or that want to revitalize themselves with the changing market trends will be successful in gaining greater consumer attention, thus enhancing sales.

We focus on brand commercialization, package design, marketing collateral and all forms of digital design, concentrating on the intricate nuances of design detail. We make every effort to determine what is unique, interesting and real about your company and products.

In food and beverage marketing important tactics may often have to be considered such as test marketing, segmentation, positioning, brand development, future product line extensions, consumer research and market access strategies working with distributors and brokers. It is our belief that when there is a realistic investment in brand creation, consumers develop a brand loyalty which can result in a strong ROI. Product appearance should get your customers’ attention every time.

Health and Wellness

Marketing is an essential business tool. We understand that every marketing strategy is as unique and different as the clients we serve. Used on a consistent and on-going basis, strategic marketing communicates a message to help distinguish and positions you, your products and brands effectively in front of targeted groups – consumers, manufacturers and health professionals. We provide guidance in developing a sound marketing approach that helps reach potential customers. Our focus is on providing real ideas, honest feedback and a united belief in one another to achieve what is possible together. We do this through our extensive resource network, business relationships and in-house expertise, to create, produce and direct marketing strategies aimed at developing awareness, building image, enhancing credibility and generating greater sales opportunities for your company. From individual projects to complete programs, we combine a unique mix of real marketing solutions to execute creative and results-driven communications strategies that align with your broader growth initiatives. At the end of the day our job is to increase a return on investment and advance your interests

CBD, Hemp and Cannabis

Consumer sentiment towards CBD products in the U.S. is on the rise. According to market research by High Yield Insights, the CBD industry could double to $2.1 billion in 2020. Research also shows roughly 40% of adults age 21 and over indicated a willingness to explore CBD under the right conditions.

With the ever expanding nutraceutical marketplace now including CBD, cannabis, hemp, cannabinoid and endocannabinoid products that are all starting to command a major presence from food and beverages to a wide-range of supplement products, it is only fitting that consumers seek to gain greater insight from the manufacturing pioneers and leaders, researchers and legal experts about these new health and wellness categories.

Through our new educational produced talk show on KGED-AM, Comcast 378, Antenna TV 43.5 and the Cocola Television Broadcasting website in Northern Calif., we have launched media platforms to promote these product categories that are taking hold in the marketplace. Program promotion is also generated nationally via social and digital media and through trade media.

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