BAKER DILLON GROUP LLC is an award-winning marketing and communications firm providing insightful thinking to transform company and product marketing into emerging brand experiences. We understand each client’s marketing strategy must be distinctive, innovative and real. Serving as your valued strategic business partner, we contribute specialized expertise in advertising, branding, marketing, graphic and website design, promotion and publicity.

Whether it is a marketing project or an on-going campaign, Baker Dillon Group can provide you with real marketing solutions, resourceful leadership and superior client service.

Our goal is simple – lend our expertise to support clients in realizing their business objectives.

Now is the time to set yourself apart from your competition and create a distinct brand identity. Our team will analyze the competitive landscape and develop client corporate marks, logo and brand language. We can help ensure new brands are legally registered and protected and create language and visual brand guides to support consistent rollout throughout your organization and customer product usage.

We can also provide brand audits to help gain a clearer understanding of current status to help develop or reposition a brand.


We are recognized for developing strategic business-to-business and consumer public relations campaigns that make every effort to exceed your expectations. We specialize in product launch public relations (PR) and creating custom communications for health and wellness and food and beverage industry companies.

Creating attention-grabbing and memorable promotional activities is a critical part of managing media relations and publicity. Reporters are looking for partners that are a reliable source of interesting or informative stories or can serve as useful experts on content they need to write. We position you as those reputable resources.

Reporters are always searching for the next best thing and are constantly bombarded by other businesses looking for media attention. We take a customized, unique approach to putting your company in front of them. Our emphasis is on an aggressive—persistent—but friendly outreach to the reporters that cover topics relevant to your business.

Looking to reinvigorate your brand or launch a new product? Let us partner with you to generate the recognition you deserve.

Contributing Editor Services

Sheldon Baker is a contributing editor to numerous publications. For more than 10 years he has interviewed corporate executives, and athletes engaged in the health and wellness arena for his Nutraceuticals World columns Health E-Insights and Area Code 420. For InnoVision Media journals Alternative Therapies, Alternative Medicine and IMCJ, Sheldon writes about the latest medical advances with renowned health professionals. The lifestyle health and wellness consumer publication NaturAlley, is home to The Baker Buzz™, a quarterly column featuring celebrity interviews. Sheldon is available for freelance editorial opportunities.

Media Relations

Baker Dillon Group provides experienced representation across every segment of media including consumer print and broadcast, local media, trade and specialized publications and social media platforms. Whether clients simply want to garner media exposure to build brand awareness and recognition through new or enhanced business offerings, launch a new product, highlight a scientific study, or announce a merger, we can help secure the most favorable publicity possible.

Our group includes former and current media representatives providing you with the understanding and internal dynamics of changing news organizations and how to best navigate the gap between your insight and the perspectives that media needs. Contact us to learn more about:

  • Shaping core messages and business narrative
  • Serving as a press office, providing news management services
  • Profiling, targeting and creating engagement programs for journalists
  • Story development and idea pitching
  • Research and selection of corporate spokespeople
  • Media coaching
  • Media monitoring and evaluation
  • Media audits

Graphic Design

Creating a strong visual impression is a vital marketing communications strategy. We combine unique, proprietary design concepts with engaging copy to help you standout in a crowded field. Our graphic capabilities include printed and digital materials that support sales, marketing and other communications platforms to ensure all documents and marketing materials aligns with your core values and brand personalities.

Brand language expresses and embodies identity and should work seamlessly with visual imagery to reveal who you are and what you are about. Our supplement and food brand team members craft the tone and voice that convey brands with precision. We ensure the language is consistent with your philosophy and corporate positioning, and is relatable to your target markets, while being FDA and FTC compliant.

Website Development

Website projects, from building a new site, minor updates or full-scale overhauls, can be inherently complicated for most companies. Websites must speak efficiently, and with authority to your sophisticated audiences.

We understand how design, the written word, user experience, search engine optimization and brand voice work together, so we can help clients build a website with graphics and content that conveys expertise, quality, relevant experience and personality. We are skilled at working in concert with client management teams and other external resources to highlight potential problems, advise on best practices and make every effort to keep projects on point and within the approved timeline.

Integrated sites with beautiful and superior design, easy navigation and stellar back-end functionality provide the optimal presence for your company.

Social Media

Whether firms want to start an exciting new campaign and take their digital engagement to a new level, or need a more aggressive and up-to-date media policy, Baker Dillon Group can help.

Social networking has transformed advertising, marketing, PR and customer relations for companies. Our team is driven to understand, optimize, and perfect the art of social networking. Given the opportunity, we can increase your brand engagement, likability, and fan base. Your success is our success, so let us work hard for you. Our team of veteran specialists can help you create effective social media content, manage your social media pages, monitor the online reputation of your business and launch cost-effective ad campaigns.

We cut through the jargon, make easy-to-understand recommendations for generating the newest platform tools and offer creative strategies and meaningful content. Our services include:

  • Social media audits
  • Social media set-up and framework strategy
  • Social media campaign strategy and content development
  • Social channel integration
  • Blog development


Studies show video will drive more people to your website site and improve SEO. Visitors spend over twice as long on a page with video. Creating a series of related videos helps promote the company as trustworthy and the spokespeople as a thought-leaders in the industry. Once produced, videos are embedded from YouTube or Vimeo on your website. Each video will include “keywords”, which will be researched in advance, to ensure the best possible SEO and SEM search results.

A recent study indicates the impact of video on websites:

  • Rises the chance of being on the first page of results by 53%
  • Increases the time prospects spend on your site by 105%
  • Relevant content and professionally produced video generate enhanced results
  • Another study shows that people who watch web videos are 20 percent more inclined to purchase services or products

While video is a visual media, good writing is also an integral part of the process. Should the request be scriptwriting or overall concept recommendations, including research and content development, we can help provide the words to match the images. Our content team can provide interview prep, message development, voice-overs and advice on how to tie video into other media channels. We assist in the development of the video look and feel and consult on every aspect of the project.


Creating a blog gives you the opportunity to develop relevant content for your customers. This marketing tactic can drive traffic back to your website and create post links with relevant visuals to your social sites. Give your social followers a reason to click through to your website. Regardless if you are a small business, or a company selling globally, blogging is integral to your online content marketing strategy.

Here are four reasons to create a blog:

  • Drive traffic to your website
    • Your blog gives you the opportunity to create relevant content for your customers
    • Use this as a marketing tactic to drive traffic back to your website
  • Increase your SEO and search engine results page
    • Blogs increase your SEO
    • Fresh content is still a key to beating out your competitors in the search engine results page
  • Position your brand as an industry leader
    • Well written articles demonstrate your company as an industry leader
    • By posting topics which resonate with targeted markets, you are marketing corporate expertise for business, services and products
  • Develop better customer relationships


Original research and data, special reports and white papers help you gain valuable insight into how to best position your company and products as well as stand out within a specific target group. Having fresh insights, and significant data presented in a professional presentation are essential if you want to develop a new plan for your business category.

  • Research reports and white papers
  • Perception and image audits
  • Print and social media audits

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