CLOVIS, CA (June 15, 2018) – Baker Dillon Group has created the cerebelle™ brand for DianaFood’s proprietary blend of extracts made from two potent polyphenol-rich fruit, grape and wild blueberry, clinically proven to prevent age-related cognitive decline in healthy older adults.

In addition, Baker Dillon Group created the brand’s tagline – Outsmart brain aging.

The bioavailability of the two components was studied with consistent results showing the combination of the ingredients increased specific flavonoid bioavailability, showing the unique efficacy of Cerebelle™. Grape and wild blueberry extracts contain specific polyphenols with neuroprotective properties. Cerebelle™ compliments a broad variety of consumer products ranging from traditional dietary supplements to functional foods and beverages.

Diana Food provides natural health solutions that are supported by robust science as it envisions a growing need for innovative solutions combining actives for a synergistic action for human health, such as combining probiotics with botanical extracts.

“We’ve had the opportunity to develop numerous supplement product brands that are fresh, unique and stand the test of time,” said Sheldon Baker, Baker Dillon Group chief executive officer.

For more information about Baker Dillon Group and its partnership with DianaFood, contact Sheldon Baker at or direct at 559.287.7191.

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